Work Plan of the ISM on TUTORIAL

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ISM Tutorial work plan

Work Plan of the ISM on TUTORIAL Activities Terms of implementation Responsible person
WP.1. Strengthening professional competencies of teachers. Responsible members: Dr. Alia Bazhanova,  Dr. Cholpon Shamsutdin
1.1 Development of the ISM internal project plan 01.04.17 K.O. Dzhusupov
1.2 Needs assessment of ISM teachers’ needs 01.04.17 Ch. Shamsutdin
1.3 Intensive English language course (ELC) for 15-20 teachers 01/03/-20/06/17 A. Bazhanova
1.4 Participation in training of trainers workshops at UMIL, UT and TUB 03-25/07/17 K. Dzhusupov,A. Bazhanova
1.5 Preparation and organisation of the Summer school on teaching methods and QA in EH, OH and PH 25/06/18 B. Imankulova,Ch. Shamsutdin
WP2. Graduate programs in the fields of Public Health, Environmental & Occupational Health. Responsible members: Dr. Stalbek Ahunbaev, Dr. Alia Bazhanova
2.1 Updating& tuning existing PhD program in Public Health 01/02/18 S. Ahunbaev
2.2 Development and accreditation of basic and specialised modules of MSc programs:Examination and adaptation of the materials and develops on this basis own training materials, subjects, courses, curricula.

a) Accreditation of developed subjects/courses/ programmes in accordance with valid ISM rules.

b) Accreditation at the MoES of KR.

01/09/18 K. Dzhusupov,S. Ahunbaev,

Ch. Sulaimanova,

Ch. Shamsutdin

2.3 Development of syllabi & educational materials adopted to b-learning:a) Agreement of a list of purchased training materials, a list of materials to be developed

b) Development of electronic models of manuals

c) Operation starting of the first version of the project Moodle platform.

01/09/18 K. Dzhusupov,S. Ahunbaev,

Ch. Sulaimanova,

Ch. Shamsutdin,

U. Musabaev

WP3. Establishment E-laboratories. Responsible members: Mr. Uran Musabaev, Dr. Kenesh Dzhusupov
3.1 Purchasing and installing equipment for e-lab at ISM:a) Development and agreement of a list of equipment & software to be purchased

b) Development of documentation and prepare rooms for computer classes (e-Labs)

c) Purchasing and Installing equipment

01/11/17 K. Dzhusupov,U. Musabaev,

I. Kitaeva

3.2 Establishment and testing of MLE-systems 01/05/18 K. Dzhusupov,S. Ahunbaev,

Ch. Sulaimanova,

A. Bazhanova,

U. Musabaev

WP4. Quality Assurance System for Project Developments. Responsible members: Dr. Kenesh Dzhusupov, Dr. Baktygul Imankulova
4.1 4.1.1 Appointment of a responsible person on QA: work plan monitoring, Quality Control (QC) & self-evaluation4.1.2. Preparing the procedure of QC & self-evaluation

4.1.3. Periodic reports on project developments based on self-evaluation: a)Report M6
b)Report M12
c)Report M18
d)Report M24
e)Report M30
f)Report M36

4.1.4. Developing draft recommendations on on peer evaluation of new MSc curricula/modules/courses.

4.1.5. Reports on peer-evaluation MSc modules/courses.

4.1.1: 30/03/20174.1.2: 30/03/2017


a) 30/04/17

b) 30/10/17

c) 30/04/18

d) 30/10/18

e) 30/04/19

f) 30/09/19

4.1.4: 30/09/17

4.1.6: 30/05/18

4.1.1: A. Aidaraliev4.1.2-5: B. Imankulova


WP5. Strengthening Central Asian Network for Education, Research & Innovation in Environmental Health. Responsible member: Dr. Alia Bazhanova, Dr. Baktygul Imankulova
5.1 Recruiting MSc students 01/09/18 A. Bazhanova
5.2 Launch & Delivery of graduate programs & training modules 01/09/18 S. Ahunbaev
5.3 Testing and launch of e-laboratories 01/01/18 U. Musabaev
5.4 International study week 01/10/18-01/06/19 K. Dzhusupov
5.5 Mobility of PhD students 01/04/17-01/09/19 K. Dzhusupov
WP6. Dissemination of the project results. Responsible member: Dr. Baktygul Imankulova, Dr. Cholpon Shamsutdin
6.1 a) Development of the ISM’s plan for dissemination,b) Defining a group of related universities and non-academic partners involved in the activities of the project.

d) Development of a database of organizations interested in the project.

01/05/17 Ch. Shamstutdin
6.2 Dissemination activities: preparing news for the ISM’s website and mass-media All project life time B. Imankulova
6.4 Preparing and publishing brochures/leaflets of the project outputs 01/03/19 B. Imankulova
6.5 Organising and conducting of the International conference 01/10/19 All members
6.6 Development of an agreement on the continued cooperation of the project participants for the development of its results after the project 01/10/19 K. Dzhusupov
WP7. The Project management. Responsible members: Prof. Arsen Aidaraliev, Dr. Kenesh Dzhusupov, Ms. Iradya Kitaeva
7.1 Project management and administration activitiesa) Development of the ISM’s project communication plan

b) Organizing documentation of the events and activities of the project with keeping record by the local coordinator

All project life time A. Aidaraliev,K. Dzhusupov
7.2-7.3 Preparation of mid-term and final reports. Reporting Regular reports on 6 month base: 01/04, 01/10/ each yearMid-term report: 01/03/18

Final report: 01/10/19

A. Aidaraliev,K. Dzhusupov,

I. Kitaeva