The dissemination plan

ISM dissemination plan

 International School of Medicine

The aim of the project dissemination plan is to provide the widest visibility and dissemination of the project outcomes, outputs and impact.

The plan is to be updated every six months.

The dissemination plan is addressed at specific and generic audience.

  Specific audience:

students, researchers, professors or other people involved in activities related to the project’s topic and interested in following its development and outcomes (SA)

Generic audience:

people who may not have professional interests in the project, but that in terms of visibility result to be very important for the project (GA)


Activity Date due Responsible
The development of the ISM TUTORIAL project webpage (SA &GA)Sharing information by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Researchgate, and Academia on regular base (GA) O1/05/17 




every 3 months

Mr. Uran Musabaev 




Dr. Baktygul Imankulova


Preparation of booklets of the project for SA and GA 06/17 Dr. Baktygul Imankulova 
Brief conferences on the TUTORIAL project aims, expected results and achievements at:–         Republican Centre of Disease Prevention

–         Kyrgyz state medical academy

–         SPA “Preventive Medicine”









Dr. Cholpon Shamsutdin


Dr. Baktygul Imankulova

Dr. Cholpon Shamsutdin

The development of Newsletter format (SA) 01/10/17 Dr. Cholpon Sulaimanova
Emailing newsletter to ISM’s e-mailing group (SA) twice a year Dr. Cholpon Shamsutdin
Press release in correspondence of one of the project events of higher importance during the project taken place in Kyrgyzstan (GA)  01/03/19  Dr. Cholpon Shamsutdin
The development and publishing an article about the project results on the ISM website (SA & GA) 01/12/18 Dr. Cholpon Sulaimanova